A PADA double collage, October 2019



Gouache and pastel on paper 8x8cm 2019



Gouache on paper 26 x 30cm 2019



Gouache on papers over monoprint over primed canvas 2019



Gouache on paper 2019



Gouache on paper 2019





Sketchbook Collage, 2019





Collaged drawing and acrylic paint over oil on canvas. 2019








‘Yellow’ 2018. Gouache on card, 29 x 27cm




Dark Brown, Buff, on Blue, 2018. Gouache on card, 28 x 32cm




Greens, Buff, Dark Brown, 2018. Gouache on paper, 42 x 29.5cm




Pink, Violet, Prussian Blue on Dark Grey, 2018. Gouache on paper, 21 x 29.5cm




‘Umbellifer’ 2019. Gouache on card, on oil painting on canvas, 27 x 36cm




‘Tub’ 2018. Gouache, monoprint, found image on paper, 44 x 57cm




‘In Sweden’ 2018. Monoprint and laser print on paper, 50 x 70cm