Matilda Bevan lives and works in Northumberland

Artist’s statement, October 2020

A dialogue with working materials and how they perform, alongside a wish to develop particular images that compel, are repeated elements in Matilda Bevan’s practice, that includes collage, painting, drawing, and monoprinting.  A cherished regard for art history informs choices she makes in inventing forms, design, or meaning. The works of historical British landscape painters such as John Crome (1768-1821) have become subjects of study for Matilda Bevan, she makes her own interpretations of their painted responses to their time and place. Nostalgia is present in her practice, it is a desire to evoke the consciousness before our current era, in which the hand-made was prevalent. This she aims to achieve through playing out her own contemporary gesture and mark making within a source image that has the potential to collapse the division between a historic time or distant place and the here and now.

The works are small in scale and fairly quickly made rather than being subject to revision and reworking over time, and usually, a piece that is finished does not have obvious connections with the one that comes after, or before it. It could almost be compared to a person taking photographs, apparently unrelated snapshots, documenting something unknowable but felt. They do have in common a celebration of the qualities of materials used in their making, and a particular palette of colours acting as a keyboard, inviting another layer of emotive resonance in the viewer.


2018-2019 Turps Education Correspondence Painting Course
1975-1978 CFA, Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art, University of Oxford
1974-1975 Art Foundation, Sighthill College of Commerce, Edinburgh


2021 Silent Disco at Greystone Industries, Wickham Market

2021 Drawing show at Wall North Contemporary, Hexham

2021 I Didn’t Lick It at Bruton Correspondence School, Somerset

2020 October, Every Day, Terrace Gallery, William IV pub, Leyton, London
2019 October, Fieldwork, PADA Studios, Barreiro, Portugal
2019 April, Solo presentation Everything is One, Banqueting Hall, Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne
2012 National Open Art Competition
2012 Foss Fine Art at Aldeburgh Gallery, Suffolk
2012 Solo show at Artworks Project Space, London E17 6AA
2011 Artworks Open, Barbican Arts Group Trust (Commended)
2010 Artworks Open, Barbican Arts Group Trust
2009 City Lit Fine Art Course show
2008 All Saints Church West Dulwich, Drawings of Lambeth Orchestra in rehearsal
2003 Drawings on show Rosscarbery Arts & Literature Festival, Co. Cork
2000 Phoenix Gallery Portfolio Show, Brighton, Sussex



2019 1-31 October, PADA Studios, Barreiro, Lisbon, Portugal


2018-2019 For Northumbria NHS Trust, two six-month exhibitions at Hexham Hospital showing work by artists and students of Queen Elizabeth High School.